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Student nations are properly interdisciplinary communities, that collect together students from different fields to enjoy student life. With us you will meet people from humanists to law students and from technology students to physicists!

Every nation has either a building or a set of rooms in which its members get together to share in both the mundane and the extraordinaire. Nations offer weekly activities like parties, sittnings, hang out evenings, cultural events, sports and expeditions.

Which nation should you join then? Answer this simple quiz and find out!

(NB! You can only be a member of one of the student nations at the university of Helsinki at a time)

1.Would you rather join a Finnish-speaking or Swedish-speaking nation?
2.Where do you study?
3.The student nations are traditionally based on regions of Finland. Do you have any special feelings towards some region of Finland?
4.Which of the following hobbies interest you the most?
5.Which of these events seem the most interesting to you?