The roots of the Internordiskt Studentmöte aka INS (”The Inter-Nordic Student Meeting”) lie in the great Scandinavian student meetings that were held in the 1800’s, originally comprising of Swedish and Danish students. Later on, students from Finland and Norway joined the meetings as well. These Scandinavian student meetings were held only occasionally at first, but after INS 2010 in Helsinki, they have been organised regularly every other year. INS is hosted by the student nations of participating countries in turn. INS 2012 took place in Uppsala and INS 2014 in Lund. INS 2016 will take place in Helsinki, and is organised by The University of Helsinki Co-delegation of Student Nations (Osakuntien yhteisvaltuuskunta ry).

The goal of INS is to offer its participants the chance to meet other Nordic students and learn about their organisations over a weekend. The participants are invited from student nations and other student organisations in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. The day programme includes seminars and workshops based on the year’s INS themes and the evenings are spent at traditional academic dinner parties. Nurturing the Nordic co-operation is important, and INS is arguably one of the best and most entertaining ways of doing it!

The themes for INS 2016 are “the Nordic academic community” and “living traditions”. We live in a constantly changing society, where new ways of thinking keep challenging the ways we have operated before. Long traditions that promote continuity are a great asset for student nations and other student organisations, but we must not become bound by them, and rather strive to renew them or even let them go entirely if necessary. Even though the student cultures in the Nordic countries have developed in very different directions over centuries, they still have common roots. There is a lot we can learn from each other about the traditions we share, and those that are characteristic of and unique to a specific country, city or organisation.


(c) Mikko Virta